The boys discuss current events, the xbox and ps5 games showcases and the games they've been playing. Games talked about include: Xenoblade Chronicles...View Details

 Since Nick couldn't be around for the 2019 Games of the Year, we collect his thoughts and opinions in this one!

The boys go over the 40 or so games of note that they played this year. Get ready for 4 hours of games IN YOUR FACE.  They create a list of the top 10...View Details

Get a whiff of nostalgia fumes as the boys go over their memories of the last decade in bideo games! Games discussed include: Call of Duty Modern Warf...View Details

The boys are back and talking games. Games discussed include: Sayonara Wild Hearts, Outer Worlds, Outer Wilds, Link's Awakening and Pokemon Sword/Shie...View Details

Yo! We're back and recording in person now so you should expect more episodes to be coming. A word of warning: Dan's gonna sound a bit weird and echo-...View Details

Noah goes over his top 10 games of 2018 and makes a bunch of excuses for why there hasn't been an episode in a while.

The boys talk about Final Fantasy 14, Bloodstained, The Switch Lite and more

Steve, Noah and Nick go over what they've been playing for the last month. The topic is skipped this time around and will be in the next podcast. Game...View Details

The boys talk about The List, NBA2k19, Zero Katana and more! The topic covered this time was SNES retrospectives!

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